Drug and Alcohol Treatment Therapy Options

We know that recovery is not ‘one size fits all’, nor is it linear, so we make it our mission to allow you to uncover passions that have either been dismissed by addiction or are awaiting to be revealed. To do this, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of treatment modalities and therapy options that allow you to plunge into the journey of recovery.

Our Treatment Options

We're committed to our client's growth and evolution

12-step Immersion

Beach Outings

Psychopharmacology Education

Sound Bath and Yoga Meditation

Psychotherapy Education

Health & Wellness

Family Therapy and Support Group

Comprehensive Clinical Support

Experiential / Adventure Therapy

Art Therapy

Fitness Instructor / Nutritionist

Music Healing

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of meditative and expressive therapy that has been around for decades. It continues to grow in popularity as it assists individuals in expressing their thoughts and feelings. Expression through art helps people explore, understand, & resolve issues they may not be able to address using words alone. Art is often a nonverbal process and sometimes the only way an individual can convey ideas or emotions. Art Therapy Northern California provides people with the opportunity to explore their inner thoughts without feeling confined to using words.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy is a form of treatment that combines elements of nature, community, physical activity and mental challenges for a thrilling approach to therapy. The use of adventure therapies is an engaging way to encourage transformation. These activities are often conducted in groups, using the tasks to promote cooperation and trust among participants, while also presenting the opportunity to overcome personal challenges. Overall, this process helps people internalize what has happened during each activity, allowing counselors to facilitate discussions.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a treatment that can help restore balance and wellbeing within families. Family members who have experienced issues due to misunderstandings, grudges or separation may benefit from this type of work in order to resolve their differences. Therapists use a variety of strategic family therapy ideas to help families with problems. They might focus on repairing relationships and restoring well-being, or they may specialize in treating one specific type like anger management issues that arise within the home.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a popular form of addiction treatment that teaches people how their thoughts and actions are connected. CBT also helps clients become more aware in determining if these things affect their recovery by showing them that many harmful behaviors are not logical or rational. CBT helps people understand the reasons behind their actions and how they led to substance abuse. Once you understand the truth about the motivation behind your behaviors, you will have more power over.

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