Addiction Aftercare

Completing a residential inpatient treatment program and achieving sobriety is a huge accomplishment! However, treatment for drug addiction doesn’t stop after you check out of the facility — These continued treatments help people maintain their recovery long past they are released from the Addiction aftercare program in Northern California. With support provided on an ongoing basis, you will be ready to live again, this time healthier, happier, and without relapse!

Aftercare Looks Like

Addiction aftercare can take many forms, including

Addiction Aftercare Program

Outpatient Therapy Sessions

Addiction Aftercare Program


Addiction Aftercare Program

Support Group Meetings

Addiction Aftercare Program


Silicon Valley Recovery's Addiction Aftercare Program In San Jose, CA

Our outpatient treatment programs give people in recovery access to family counseling and individual therapy sessions with trained counselors. In a safe, supportive environment, they can work on building critical social skills as well as coping mechanisms for their everyday lives after detoxing from drugs or alcohol

– all while listening closely when others share what helped them through Addiction aftercare Program in Northern California themselves!