Inpatient Residential Treatment

Silicon Valley Recoveryunderstands the emotional turmoil that addiction creates in a person’s life. We are dedicated to guiding you through your recovery journey by providing an experience that is like no other treatment facility. Our inpatient residential treatment center in California offers all the comforts of a homelike setting and the exciting aspects of the bay area, while also providing individualized care for each client that walks through our door.

Residential Treatment Center

It is imperative that every client we serve has an experience that is most conducive to their specific needs during one of the most painful times in their life. Our clients battle to save their lives from addiction every single day – and that act of courage does not go unnoticed. In our inpatient residential treatment program, our clients can feel safe to share their truest fears about sobriety while allowing our advanced and educated clinicians to provide that safe space that is of the utmost necessity. Our professionally designed courses balance both physical recovery and mental health with access to professional therapy for addiction and those in need of dual diagnosis concerns, such as depression or anxiety. These sessions help people confront their addictions without being harshly judged or mistreated. The skills learned through the inpatient residential treatment program at Silicon Valley Recovery prepare you to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside the program and equip you with the tools needed to handle cravings and minimize the chance of relapsing.

Rediscover Yourself at Silicon Valley Recovery

Experience a sanctuary of healing nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our personalized addiction treatment center in San Jose offers a compassionate environment where individuals can find renewed hope and purpose.

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