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Providing exceptional care that will renew the lives of those who are struggling with addiction while bringing back hope. Our focus is to provide a secure addiction treatment center that helps your loved one find a purpose that leads them to a life of happiness and success.

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Silicon Valley Recovery is a safe, relaxing environment where you can comfortably experience authentic healing. Our highly trained staff for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment is dedicated to helping you find freedom from your addiction and discover a greater sense of self and purpose. We help you do this with personalized care and evidence-based practices. This heart-centered and scientific approach is tailored to meet each person’s needs. Being in treatment doesn’t need to feel like being in treatment.

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Treatment that feels like home
Take the first step towards transformative healing in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our cutting-edge residential treatment program combines innovative therapies and treatment with a compassionate environment, guiding individuals towards a path of lasting recovery.

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Cesar M.

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Silicon Valley Recovery (SVR) gave me the tools to change my life, change how I talk, change my attitude, change what was breaking me down deep inside, and helped me find my True Authentic Self! I am a two-time alumnus, and I will tell you from my experience – not taking the suggestions to go to an SLE after the program messed me up the first time. I went home to the same environment, relapsed, and almost died of a heart attack. My 2nd time, I took all the suggestions, ALL OF THEM, and came out to Fresno to a sister program with an SLE.

I enrolled in school while here as a CNA (certified nurse assistant). I graduated and got my license. As of today, I’m incredibly proud to say I have 250 days of sobriety! It’s all from the help of the Staff at SVR, who I see as Family. Their love, support, and warmth of knowing the staff there truly cares for each individual client can not compare to any other facility.

I live a new way of life with a new perspective and attitude so that I can be sober. I am worthy; I am worth it. Furthermore, I love my SVR FAMILY. Thank you for being you!”

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The team behind Silicon Valley Recovery is comprised of leaders in their industry with decades of success and experience in the medical, psychological, and hospitality fields.




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Experience a sanctuary of healing nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our personalized addiction treatment center in San Jose offers a compassionate environment where individuals can find renewed hope and purpose.

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