Mental Health Treatment

Silicon Valley Recovery is a dual-diagnosis treatment facility with Master’s-level Therapists who can help those suffering from untreated mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Dual-diagnosis, otherwise known as co-occurring disorders, refers to when an individual has a substance use disorder and another condition, such as PTSD, for example. We use our expertise in both realms to provide relief from the pain and uncertainty of mental health symptoms, while also educating our clients on how they can truly thrive without the need for self-medication.

Mental Health Treatment in northern california

Dual-diagnosis treatment is a more effective and beneficial program to treat co-occurring disorders. By effectively identifying and addressing the concerns of people who have addiction and mental health issues, we’re able to put together a specialized treatment plan that best suits our clients’ needs. Treating both substance use disorder and mental health symptoms, can give our clients a greater chance of success in preventing the potential for relapse. It is important to know that mental health symptoms range in severity, but here at Silicon Valley Recovery, we value educating each client on managing their specific symptoms with a vast range of coping techniques provided by their personal Therapist on our clinical team.

Co-Occurring Disorders

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